Final Instructions

Saturday 8-26:

1)  Packet pick up and registration is from 3-6 p.m. at the Hearth & Vine Cafe at Black Star Farms located on the corner of Revold Road & M-22 approximately 5 miles south of Suttons Bay.

2)  You receive your bib#, t-shirt and 10% off pizza at the cafe. A limited number of shirts available for sale for $10.

3)  This is a good opportunity for your friends/family to sign up for the event. Less hectic than Sunday morning.

4)  While you are up Suttons Bay way, this would be a good time to see the finish at Waterwheel Park, the awards/food/raffle area at Marina Park, head to Hillside Feed for the 5k start, Chateau de Leelanau for the relay exchange, or Brengman Brothers at Crain Hill for the 25k/relay start.

Before your race Sunday 8-27:

1)  Parking for 25k and 5k participants will be on the streets of Suttons Bay, with shuttle service to the start of both races originating on Front Street just above Marina Park.  Signs and volunteers will be nearby to assist.  Temporary parking is available at Hillside Feed & Supply for the 5k start or Crain Hill Vineyard for the 25k start. Drops offs on race day at both locations are fine.

2)  Shuttle bus departure times for the 25k will go from 6:15 to7:15.  It’s approximately a 20 minute drive. The race starts at 8:00. Shuttle bus times for the 5k are 7:15 to 8:15 and is about a 5 minute drive. The race starts at 8:30. Packet pick up on Sunday morning are at the starting lines of your event. Your participant t-shirts will be available at Marina Park for pick up after your event and you MUST have your bib.

3)  Relay participants do not take the shuttle. Coordinate your own way from the start at Crain Hill Vineyard to the finish at Waterwheel Park. If both drive a) both go to the relay start, b) one runs the 15k leg, the other drives to the exchange, c) after the exchange the other runs the 10k while the finished 15k runner drives the vehicle to Suttons Bay. If only one drives find a 3rd person to assist in transporting relay members to their spots.  Remember, both race day bib#’s will be at Crain Hill Vineyard.

4)  The drop box for clothing to be transported to the finish at Waterwheel Park is Ross’ Gray Tacoma. Look for it at the starting line area for the 25k and 5k. We are not responsible for lost items.

During your race:

1)  All participants will be sharing the roads with cars and the Leelanau Trail with walkers, runners and bikers. Please be respectful of their right to share in the beauty the race course provides.  We will have “Caution Runners Ahead” posted at each end of the section used for the Leelanau Trail and on Center Highway for cars approaching the corner of Center Highway & Revold Road but it is your responsibility to be cautious of your surroundings.

2)  There are aid stations located at miles 2, 4, 6, 8, 9.5, 12.5 and 14 for the 25k/relay and at the 1.5 mile mark of the 5k.  There are portable toilets at miles 2, 4, 7.5, 9.5, 12.5 and 14 of the 25k and at the 2.0 mile mark of the 5k in addition to the start, finish & Marina Park award/food area.  GU will only be available at the 9.5 mile aid station.

3)  Sheriff’s Department personnel and course marshals will be located at strategic locations along the route to ensure your safety. Other than a lane closure the first mile of the 25k/relay and the first 100 meters of the 5k, you will be sharing the road with cars.

4)  SAG vehicles are available to assist those who are unable to finish up to the finish area in Suttons Bay.  If you are unable to finish please try to do so at one of the aid stations where they will equipped with cell phones to call SAG vehicles.

After your race:

1)  The race finishes at Waterwheel Park at the corner of St. Mary’s Street and Jefferson Street in Suttons Bay. You will need to walk the two blocks east on Jefferson Street to get to Marina Park. Use caution when crossing St. Joseph Street. (M-22)

2)  Marina Park will be the site of the award presentation, food tent and raffle. 5k awards will be at 9:30 with the raffle for 5k participants to follow. 25k/relay awards are at 11:00 with their raffle to follow. There is a playground set, beach, and the cool waters of Suttons Bay to enjoy while you await your award.

3)  Award information is posted on our website at Additional information can be found on our blog with that link on our website. For results go to

Thank you for supporting this year’s event! We hope you enjoy participating as much as we’ve enjoyed preparing!

Ross Deye/Race Director

231-944-4034 (

Nancy Deye/Volunteer Coordinator

231-944-5430 (


5 Days Out!


Please support the following sponsors who have generously supported this year’s event.

Silver Sponsors: VI Grille, Boone’s Prime Time, Suttons Bay Ciders, Brengman Brothers

Bronze Sponsors: GNC, Century 21 Northland, Traverse City State Bank, Shady Lane Cellars, Suttons Bay Bikes

Raffle Sponsors: Chimoski Bakery, Cherry Republic, Cherry Bay Orchards, Hawkins Farm Cellars, Big Little Wines, Dick’s Pour House, The Filling Station, Bubba’s, Blue Tractor, Hop Lot, North Country, The Front Porch, Bayside Salon, Sentsy, Hop Soap, Nifty Things, Plant Masters, Naturally Nutty, BrewTC, PureFit, Sporck TileArt, Insight Optometry, Leelanau Fruit Company, Leelanau Coffee (50 items totaling over $1,200)

Raffle Update:

With 1/3 of the entries in the 5k and the remainder in the 25k or relay, 17 items will be raffled in the 5k at 9:45 and 33 items at 11:30 for the 25k/relay.  Note: With the course open until noon, have someone who can represent you at the raffle take a pic of your bib should your number be drawn before you finish. An open table of items will be on a first come, first serve basis. The first person’s winning raffle will have first choice among all items on the table, the second all but one, etc.

Race Day Registration:

From 6:30 to 7:30 at Brengman Brothers for the 25k & relay and from 7:15 to 8:00 at Hillside Feed & Supply for the 5k.  Plan to take earlier shuttle buses if you intend to register the day of.

Link for results:

Photo Op:

We will again have our Vineyard to Bay 25k banner at the end of the chute above the waterwheel for those who want a post-race picture.  We will not have an event photographer so you will have to rely on a friend or family member.

Waterwheel Park

Marina Park Options:

There is a nice beach and protected bay if you’d like to swim after your race.  It’s also an easy area to drop off a kayak if you want to kayak before or after the awards. For families, there is a playground set as well.

Packet Pickup/Registration:

From 3-6 p.m. on Saturday at the Hearth & Vine at Black Star Farms.  They are offering 10% off their wood-fired pizza with inside seating and an outdoor patio. The tasting room of award-winning wines is directly across the driveway.

Course Record Holders:

Men’s 25k- 2014 Austin Hendrix 1:24:41 (Pictured below)

Women’s 25k- 2015 Sarah Pardee 1:44:43

Men’s 5k- 2016 Phil Stead 15:26

Women’s 5k- 2016 Jami Grant 18:30

Male Relay- 2015 Jim Sitek-Andrij Lawrin 2:04:56

Female Relay- 2016 Erica Parkinson/Jill Burden 1:50:59

Co-Ed Relay- 2015 Alex Best-Jordon Best 1:36:16


Food Tent at Marina Park:

Stone House Bread topped with Naturally Nutty peanut/almond butter or Leelanau Cheese spread, Leelanau Fruit Company dried cherries, Chimoski Bakery chocolate chip & oatmeal raison cookies, PureFit chocolate brownie nutrition bars, watermelon, bananas & local peaches.

Weather Forecast:

We don’t want to jinx things here, but the forecast is calling for a cool and clear Saturday night with lows in the lower 50’s and a mostly sunny Sunday race day with highs mid 70’s, low humidity the entire stretch. If this holds up, it will be an absolutely perfect day for our event!

Awards & Raffle

Vineyard to Bay Awards/Time Schedule of Presentation & Raffle

9:30 a.m.         5k Awards-                                                                            

1st Overall M/F:                    $50 each + 11.5 oz. customized glass

1st Masters M/F:                   $25 each + 11.5 oz. customized glass

1st Grand Masters M/F:          $25 each + 11.5 oz. customized glass

1st Place Age Group M/F:       11.5 oz. customized glass

2nd Place Age Group M/F:     11.5 oz. customized glass

3rd Place Age Group M/F:      11.5 oz. customized glass

All-Finishers Award:  Commemorative Sporck Tileart ceramic tile to the top 80, medals to the remaining finishers.

5k Raffle Immediately after Awards.

11:00 a.m.       25k Awards-                                                                                      

1st Overall M/F:                      $100 each + a bottle of wine

1st Masters M/F:                   $75 each + a bottle of wine

1st Grand Masters M/F:          $75 each + a bottle of wine

1st Place Age Group M/F:       Bottle of wine

2nd Place Age Group M/F:     15 oz. customized glass

3rd Place Age Group  M/F:     15 oz. customized glass

All-Finishers Award:              Sporck Tileart ceramic tile

11:15 a.m.       Relay Awards-                                                          

1st All-Male Relay:               $100    + 2 bottles of wine

2nd Place:                                Two 15 oz. customized glass

3rd Place:                                Two 11.5 oz. customized glass

1st All-Female Relay:            $100    + 2 bottles of wine

2nd Place:                                Two 15 oz. customized glass

3rd Place:                                Two 11.5 oz. customized glass

1st Male/Female Relay:          $100    + 2 bottles of wine

2nd Place:                               Two 15 oz. customized glass

3rd Place:                                 Two 11.5 oz. customized glass

All-Finishers Award:               Sporck Tileart ceramic tile (2 per relay)

25k/Relay Raffle Immediately after Awards


1) Cash prizes (donor funded) do not reduce proceeds to TART Trails or Suttons Bay Schools.

2) Any 25k overall winner, 25k age group winner, or relay winner under the age of 21 will receive a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

3) You must place your bib stub in the raffle box after your event and be present to be eligible to win. Raffle items are spread out on a table with each winner able to pick from what is available.

Update on this Year’s Event

We could not be happier with how things are shaping up for August 27.  Entries received are up 82% for the 25k, 67% for the relay and 10% for the 5k from this point last year.  As for sponsorship, we are over double what we’ve averaged the first three years, so we are confident both Suttons Bay Schools and TART Trails will receive more proceeds.  Sporck Tileart all-finishers awards are in hand and it is likely we will have to order another batch.  All good.


We will continue to have 3 buses shuttling from Marina Park in Suttons Bay to Brengman Brothers Winery. With increased participants we will begin the loading process at 6:00 instead of 6:30, with the final bus to the 25k/relay start departing SB at 7:15.  Both races start at 8:00. The buses for the 5k will begin at 7:15, also from Marina Park, with the last bus scheduled for 8:00.  The 5k begins at 8:30. The with the past two years, relay teams are best served transportation-wise by the 1st leg (15k) being dropped off at the start by the 2nd leg (10k) who will then proceed to the exchange zone at Hill Top Rd. & North Bayshore Dr. Refer to the map on the website for details.

Raffle items are being donated on a regular basis.  The plan is to have one for the 5k after the 9:30 awards at Marina Park and the other after the 11:00 awards for the 25k/relay. Bib stubs will be drawn and each winner will be able to choose from items out on the raffle table.  If we get 45 raffle items and 1/3 of the participants are in the 5k, 15 of those items will be for the 5k raffle and 30 for the 25k/relay raffle to keep the odds of winning something relatively even. You must be present to win. One item is this 3 wine bottle wood gift set from Brengman Bothers Winery:

Please consider supporting our sponsors when you are in town.  Other than your entry fees our main source of funds to be able to pull this event off are due to their generosity:

V2B Update

Hello Vineyard to Bay Participants!

To date, most of the planning for this year’s event has revolved around all the “behind the scenes” activities such as securing insurance coverage and clearing the date and times with the townships, sheriff’s department and the road commission. But there are some event related items you may have missed if you aren’t following us on Facebook. (

At January’s annual Traverse City Track Club Awards Banquet, Vineyard to Bay 25k was awarded “Favorite Small Race” for 2016.  This is quite an honor considering all the running events held in the club’s five county region. Of course that got us to dreaming of one day being considered for their “Favorite Large Race” category. For now we will work hard to continue offering an excellent experience to our participants and hope it continues to grow.  Thanks to the TCTC for acknowledging our efforts!


In February, Leif Sporck of Sporck TileArt in Suttons Bay released his 2017 version of the all-finishers award. (as yet unglazed) We feel fortunate to have established a partnership that allows us to provide awards that are out of the ordinary for our 25k and 2-person 15k/10k relay finishers.  Worth noting is that Leif is not only creating our awards but has run the 25k the past two years, finishing 2nd in his age group in 2016!


March is off to a good start with the release of our new website designed by Traverse City’s Byte Productions. While it was fun to create and update our own event website from the beginning, it clearly was in need of a professional revamp. Best of all we are finally mobile friendly.  Thanks to Amy Fritz and crew at Byte for the upgrade!


Speaking of which, one picture chosen for our website homepage is worth sharing.  By chance, our event photographer in 2016, Emma Winowiecki, captured this picture of four adorable kids who belong to overall relay winners Jill Burden and Erica Parkinson.


More news to come as we plan for another fun event. Hope this finds everyone doing well!


2017 Race Update + Grape Harvest 2016

Each year we learn more about what works, what doesn’t, and what participants would like to see added to future Vineyard to Bay events.  For 2017 we are sticking with the Sunday prior to Labor Day weekend and keeping the same 5k, 25k, and relay courses.  We have established volunteer groups that know the ins and outs of their duties and are willing to return for 2017.  We are also committed to making sure EVERYONE who finishes their event get something for their effort. Why change what works?

The biggest change to date is in terms of entry fees.  We have significantly lowered fees by offering shirts as an option for 2017.  There were just too many participants who didn’t necessarily want one more shirt for their already overflowing inventory of race shirts that were never worn.  So if you don’t care to receive a V2B shirt you save quite a bit of money on your 2017 entry fee.  Plus, price increases will only occur 4 times (1-1, 6-1, 8-1 & race day) instead of 6 times last year which also helps in keeping costs down.

Our hope is to have increased participation for 2017. We will cap entries in the relay to 50 teams and the 5k and 25k to 200 participants.  While it is somewhat wishful thinking to achieve these goals, we hope the lower price offered for no shirts helps us get there. In return we are confident more proceeds can be generated for Suttons Bay Schools and TART Trails; our ultimate goal.

The only other news to report at this time is that the 2016 grape harvest on the Leelanau Peninsula appears to be excellent!  No late spring or early fall frosts to deal with plus a warmer than normal summer has resulted in perfect conditions for all varieties of grapes.  After a rough 2014 & 2015 harvest, 2016 seems to on track to be one of the best in years. So, by next August and certainly August 2018, many excellent red and white estate bottled wines will await your arrival.


Race Update

Shirts:  Tech shirts are guaranteed for those who registered by August 1.  A limited number of extras will be given out on a first come first serve basis during packet pickup Saturday from 3-6 at Hearth & Vine Café. The design is based on the Sporck Tileart 25k & relay all-finishers award.

Drop Box:  For all participants, you have the option to leave your backpack/clothes in the back of Ross’ truck. He will be at the start of the 25k/relay and the 5k, so look for his gray Tacoma with V2B magnets on the side. All items will be taken to the finish area at Waterwheel Park and placed on a tarp. It is a very safe part of the world but we do not recommend leaving valuables.0823161212

Relays:  Once the 15k runners start from Brengman Brothers, there are two good options for 10k runners to see their partners during their run; the 4.1 mile mark at Bingham Rd. & Leelanau Trail and the 5.3 mile mark at Shady Lane & Leelanau Trail. Take Crain Hill Rd. down to M-22, turn left, then another left at Bingham Rd. or Shady Lane. Also, 15k finishers have a great opportunity to swim once finished. There is a lightly used boat launch directly across M-22 from Hill Top Rd.

Mile Markers:  There will be mile marker signs throughout the course for the 25k.  They aren’t big so to insure you will see them there will also be a safety cone.  Nothing worse than missing a mile marker and thinking it’s taking forever to get to the next mile mark. 0825161149a

Photographer:  We will have one photographer working the course. She will be at both the 25k and 5k start plus at random spots on the course.  There will also be a VINEYARD TO BAY 25K banner just above the waterwheel near the end of the finish chute.  Our photographer will be there at random times but if you have your cell phone it will be a great place to show off your finisher’s award.

SAG Vehicles:  If you can’t complete your run we have two SAG vehicles on call to assist in getting you back to Suttons Bay.  They will be in direct contact with the aid stations so if you do need to drop out try to do so at one of the 7 aid stations on the course. We will also have course marshals along the way to assure a safe race for all.

Need a Relay Partner?  We have an individual entered in the 25k who would prefer to do the 15k or 10k instead. If someone not yet registered is interested in doing the relay but doesn’t have a partner, email